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MyTexasCSR.com is a first of its kind website that is dedicated to connecting legal professionals with court reporters.

MyTexasCSR.com is powered by the Texas Court Reporters Association in an effort to provide a valuable resource for connecting court professionals. Attorneys, Judges and their administrators and assistants use MyTexasCSR.com to notify Texas court reporters of their need for a CSR for court proceedings, hearings, depositions, conferences, meetings or other events that require verbatim reporting and transcribing.

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You've come to the right place. Post your job details on MyTexasCSR.com to find a Court Reporter to work with.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your Questions:

Q. Do I have to be a member of TCRA to join MyTexasCSR.com?

No. Anyone who is licensed to work in Texas can use MyTexasCSR.com to post and search for court reporter jobs. 

Q. Will my professional or contact information that I enter in my profile be used in any way?

No. TCRA will never share or sell your professional or contact information. Your profile is your own and is solely used for MyTexasCSR.com members to be able to post and apply for jobs. 

Q. Who can post a job?

Anyone who is a member of MyTexasCSR.com can post a job. Attorneys, judges, and their support staff can post a job to find a court reporter. Court reporters can also post jobs when they are looking for subs or to take depositions.  

Q. How do I post a job?

After you select “Join” and create your profile you will have the option to post a job looking for a court reporter. 

Q. I'm legal/ court support staff and don't have my own state bar number. How do I proceed with creating my profile?

Court and legal support staff will use the SBOT number of the Legal Firm or Entity (attorney or Judge) for which you are posting jobs.

Q. How do I change details of a job that I have already posted?

After you have posted a court reporter job, go to “My Account” to find a list of your job posts. Select “Edit” for the job you want to update. 

Q. How do I apply for a job?

After you select “Join” and create your profile you will have the ability to see the Job Bank. Filter the jobs to your preferences and select “View” for the job you are interested in. After reading the job description and requirements, if you are interested in applying for that job, simply select “Apply.” The job poster will receive your application, along with a link to your profile, in an email notification.  

Q. How will I receive applications after I post a job?

After posting a job, you will get an email notification every time someone applies for the job. The email notification will include a link to the applicant's profile as well as their email address and phone number so you can communicate with them directly. 

Q. How is a job awarded?

The job poster contacts the applicant directly via email or phone to award the job and discuss any further details. 

Q. Can I get notifications for new job postings in my area?

Yes! When you set up your profile you can opt in to receive daily emails for new job postings in your area. Select the radius from your zip code in which you want to work, and you'll receive email notifications for new job postings within your selected area.

Q. Once a job is filled, can I take it off the Job Bank?

Yes. Once you have filled the position you can go into “My Account” and find the jobs you have posted. In your jobs list, you can select to delete the job posting entirely or archive it for later reference.  

MyTexasCSR.com does not screen positions, prospective employees or employers; all positions must be non-discriminatory per EOE rules.

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