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Who We Are

MyTexasCSR.com was developed by TCRA in an effort to provide a valuable and consistent resource for connecting court professionals.

Attorneys, Judges and their administrators and assistants use MyTexasCSR.com to notify Texas court reporters of their need for a CSR for court proceedings, hearings, depositions, conferences, meetings or other events that require verbatim reporting and transcribing.

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What We Are

MyTexasCSR.com is brought to you by the Texas Court Reporters Association. The mission of the Texas Court Reporters Association is to advance the profession of stenographic court reporting through education, advocacy and service to its members. What is MyTexasCSR.comWhat is MyTexasCSR.com

The vision of TCRA is to accurately capture, preserve and protect the spoken word by stenographic means for all persons through skill, technology, impartiality and professionalism.


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