Connecting Legal Professionals with Court Reporters

Attorneys, Judges and their admins use to hire Texas CSRs for court proceedings and other events that require verbatim reporting, transcribing

ATHENS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020-- Texas Court Reporters Association (TCRA) announces the launch of, a new website that is dedicated to connecting legal professionals with court reporters. was developed after much debate on solving an ongoing challenge, that of increasing the available court reporters to service the legal community.   There are currently over 2,200 Certified Shorthand Reporters(CSR) in Texas dividing their time between court and deposition work. 

Mellony Ariail, President of TCRA, said, “TCRA developed a multi-pronged and comprehensive plan to address the shortage of court reporters, including the creation of Our mission was to develop a tool that ensured that 100% of Texas court reporter jobs were filled.” is a first of its kind website that Ariail describes as an “Uber for Court Reporters.” Attorneys, judges and their administrators and assistants can use to notify Texas court reporters of their need for a CSR for court proceedings, hearings, depositions, conferences, meetings or other events that require verbatim reporting and transcribing.

Attorneys have expressed frustration with not being able to hire a court reporter when needed and may feel the need to resort to using non-human alternatives. Some companies are promoting digital recording and voice recognition as a way to fill the gap but the National Court Reporters Association describes those methods as "a loss in accuracy, timeliness and value."

Brooke Ingram, Executive Director of TCRA, states, “TCRA heard too many stories from lawyers that a CSR wasn’t available when they needed one, only to find out later that, in fact, there were many reporters available who could have done the job.  The key is connecting those in need with those who can fill that need. is a website that we designed to be a safety net aimed at making sure that when courts and lawyers need a CSR in Texas, they always get one.”  

All court reporters in Texas are invited to register for free on the website to receive immediate alerts for jobs that need to be filled. “TCRA developed this website to benefit our entire industry so membership on is not limited to TCRA members only,” stated Ingram. 

After an attorney registers using their State Bar of Texas number on the site and posts a request for a reporter to cover a job, the poster will get an email notification each time a reporter replies to the request. The email notification includes a link to the applicant's profile as well as their email address and phone number for direct communication. 

“We are confident that this new platform will be a great asset to the legal community in Texas and for the court reporter profession in general,” stated Ingram. was launched in September 2020 and has already connected dozens of Texas CSRs with attorneys, judges and court administrators in need of court reporters. 

Categories does not screen positions, prospective employees or employers; all positions must be non-discriminatory per EOE rules.

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